2nd Annual Ozark Hillbilly 10 Mile Backroad National Championship

The 2nd Annual Ozark Hillbilly 10 Mile Backroad National Championship

On an unusually pleasant January day, the town of Oark, Arkansas grew ten fold as city folk from all over the country started to appear. Sporting attire unlike the local fashion of advantage camo, these folks were wearing colors that could be seen from miles away. These were hardbodies ready for the Arkansas death march. This was the 2nd Annual Ozark Hillbilly 10 Mile Backroad National

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag 60L

Long Term Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 60L Review

Some might see the Patagonia Black Hole travel duffel bag 60L as a small addition to their baggage arsenal. I am here to tell you that you can live out of this 60L duffel bag. For years I have preached on my soapbox, “the more compact and light your travel gear is, the better”. As someone who has traveled to many different countries for varying weeks to years, I have had to carry all of my possessions on my

Lost Valley Arkansas Trail Waterfalls And Caves

lost valley arkansas trail and cave waterfalls

The Lost Valley Arkansas system of trails, waterfalls, and caves make for a unique display. Lost Valley is a very easy location to get to and is surrounded by numerous natural features. Located in the larger Boxley Valley, visitors will likely see Elk from the roadside as they graze near the Buffalo National River.

1.You’re going to start saving specifically for travel. 

5 Reasons why you’re traveling in 2017

Whether it’s a savings account or a coffee can buried in your backyard, you should be paying yourself out of every paycheck you receive, $20 or $200 it doesn’t matter. The number one reason people tell me they can’t travel is due to cost, but they haven’t even made a plan yet. This is why here at OWA we

Reviewing The Swiftwick Aspire Four Socks

To talk eagerly to someone about socks is about as discomforting as talking to a stranger on a bus about Jesus. Socks are the introverts in the gear family that everyone just simply acknowledges. Well today, socks get the proper respect they deserve as the OWA crew have seen the light! Now, Swiftwick did not