Eno DoubleNest Hammock – Reviewed By John Ozmore

I bought my Eno doublenest hammock on eBay after seeing one set up between the trees at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch rock climbing area near the Buffalo National River in the Ozarks of Arkansas. The comfortable smile of a beautiful girl with her eyes closed bathing in the sunlight and swinging gently in the breeze sold me. I was surrounded by grunts and screams of effort and the occasional curses of falling rock climbers. The surrounding noise was swept into the wind. I
wanted one.

Richland Creek And The Sandstone Castle

Located on the eastern side of the Ozark National Forest sits a relatively modern campground for those that wish to set up camp near amenities. But we are not here to talk about modernized camping, we are here to talk about going back to the Paleozoic Era where cave dwelling takes hold

My Mits On The Salsa Redpoint Carbon X01

Spinning leaves were falling from limbs and the faint sound of folk music and beard combing could be heard. The temps were unseasonal yet perfect for riding that day. It was the 2016 IMBA World Summit in Bentonville, AR which so happens to be where I live. Riders from all over had

Where Do You Fall In The Spectrum

What are the consequences of my actions? Stay or Go? How much sacrifice is needed for my intended goal? These are cliche questions that need to be explained to those that wish to seek adventure and to truly find what they are made of. Travel can deliver more than one would think

Devil’s Den State Park

Surrounded by the natural beauty of oak and hickory in the Ozark National Forest of Northwest Arkansas, Devils’ Den State park offers a natural playground for people of all ages. There are mountain bike trails that offer a beautiful and flowing ride across a forest valley overlooking Lee Creek. The trails aren’t technical for most of it and can be managed even by beginner skill levels. There are a couple of spots to watch for along the creeks where water can create slick rocks as

Eno Hammock Dryfly

The Eno Hammock Rain fly is sturdy and will keep you dry, most of the time. Mine has survived flash floods and numerous thunderstorms. It has held up through the worst of it and even allowed me to get a little sleep during it all. Sometimes water can run down the lines and drip on you, but this usually just requires a quick adjustment and you can get back to flatulating last

Brutal Reviews – MSR Guardian Water Purifier Pump

I stumbled on the MSR guardian water purifier pump by accident. In no way was I going to pay $349.99USD for a manual pump. Even if it kept me from pooping my pants violently in some third-world country. Well, I have taken a bite out of that humble pie as I am here today to reiterate the fact that “You get what you pay for”. I now personally own the MSR Guardian.

Our Life Of Stress

Most of you reading this likely have a job or education that adds a building amount of stress to your life. Adding the hustle of traffic, spouses, payments, angry co-workers/students, angry society, mass of disheartening news, and so much more can all simply vanish. As many reach for the bottle to simply