1.You’re going to start saving specifically for travel. 

5 Reasons why you’re traveling in 2017

Whether it’s a savings account or a coffee can buried in your backyard, you should be paying yourself out of every paycheck you receive, $20 or $200 it doesn’t matter. The number one reason people tell me they can’t travel is due to cost, but they haven’t even made a plan yet. This is why here at OWA we

Where Do You Fall In The Spectrum

What are the consequences of my actions? Stay or Go? How much sacrifice is needed for my intended goal? These are cliche questions that need to be explained to those that wish to seek adventure and to truly find what they are made of. Travel can deliver more than one would think

Our Life Of Stress

Most of you reading this likely have a job or education that adds a building amount of stress to your life. Adding the hustle of traffic, spouses, payments, angry co-workers/students, angry society, mass of disheartening news, and so much more can all simply vanish. As many reach for the bottle to simply

Overnighting on the Buffalo National River

My friends and I have been paddling the Buffalo National River for years now. Having completed everything from Boxley Bridge to Buffalo City. That’s roughly 150 miles of pristine river beauty.  I decided to write this to help those that are considering an overnighter on the river.  You can only prepare for so much when it comes to the Buffalo National River but I’ll do my best to equip you with the basics.

The Line In The Dirt

Yes. But hear me out, let’s just ban E-bikes from MTB trails now. I have swayed back and forth on this subject and I truly want to hear more opinions on it. This is my case, and I am open for a friendly debate.