2017 Buffalo Headwaters Challenge

12th Annual OORC Buffalo Headwaters Challenge

Sitting and waiting at 4:30 pm on a Friday at my brother’s home, I look at my watch again as if it will help move either time or my brother’s arse quicker. The marauder is packed and the bikes loaded, I just need his bag of bones in the vehicle. The traffic in Northwest Arkansas is about to explode. Hwy 49 is about to turn into full-fledged fury road. With road construction and wheel taco-ing barriers, you are left to fend

2nd Annual Ozark Hillbilly 10 Mile Backroad National Championship

The 2nd Annual Ozark Hillbilly 10 Mile Backroad National Championship

On an unusually pleasant January day, the town of Oark, Arkansas grew ten fold as city folk from all over the country started to appear. Sporting attire unlike the local fashion of advantage camo, these folks were wearing colors that could be seen from miles away. These were hardbodies ready for the Arkansas death march. This was the 2nd Annual Ozark Hillbilly 10 Mile Backroad National

Lost Valley Arkansas Trail Waterfalls And Caves

lost valley arkansas trail and cave waterfalls

The Lost Valley Arkansas system of trails, waterfalls, and caves make for a unique display. Lost Valley is a very easy location to get to and is surrounded by numerous natural features. Located in the larger Boxley Valley, visitors will likely see Elk from the roadside as they graze near the Buffalo National River.

Richland Creek And The Sandstone Castle

Located on the eastern side of the Ozark National Forest sits a relatively modern campground for those that wish to set up camp near amenities. But we are not here to talk about modernized camping, we are here to talk about going back to the Paleozoic Era where cave dwelling takes hold

Devil’s Den State Park

Surrounded by the natural beauty of oak and hickory in the Ozark National Forest of Northwest Arkansas, Devils’ Den State park offers a natural playground for people of all ages. There are mountain bike trails that offer a beautiful and flowing ride across a forest valley overlooking Lee Creek. The trails aren’t technical for most of it and can be managed even by beginner skill levels. There are a couple of spots to watch for along the creeks where water can create slick rocks as