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Reviewing The Swiftwick Aspire Four Socks

To talk eagerly to someone about socks is about as discomforting as talking to a stranger on a bus about Jesus. Socks are the introverts in the gear family that everyone just simply acknowledges. Well today, socks get the proper respect they deserve as the OWA crew have seen the light! Now, Swiftwick did not send me any gear to write this review about their sockies. No, I actually got a pair of Swiftwick Aspire Four socks as a Christmas gift. The kind of gift where you just say thank you and think about how much money you spent on them as your eye twitches a little.

Let’s Try These Swiftwick Socks

My ol’ stinky set of socks had started to alarm the neighbors of a “corpse smell’ so they got stuck in the wash. So I rummaged around and found my gifted Swiftwicks still packaged. After tearing them apart I slipped them on and put on my bike shoes and thought nothing of it. As it is winter time I had become accustom to my feet getting a close shade of grape jelly just before losing digits and I was okay with it. Around mile 10 I simply felt like a double peg-legged pirate pedaling stumps.

Swiftwick Aspire Four Review

Huh, That’s Odd

Well on this particularly cold day, I noticed that not only did my feet remain functional but even somewhat warm as well. The comfort level was the best I ever had and I rode 25 miles that day. It turned out that my thicker cold weather socks were cutting off the blood flow to my tootsies and as a result, I was losing blood flow. No circulation means no warmth as well. I was just dumb and thought that bike shoes were useless in cold weather.

Losing A Swiftwick

I thought I was losing my mind as socks seemed to disappear. I could only find one sock and I knew that both had been washed. So, I did what any rational rider would do. I grabbed a wrench and dismantled my washer and dryer. Sure enough, I found my sock laying on the floor plate of the dryer. If it had been any other sock then it would have been a sacrifice to the gods. Every ride of mine is accompanied by a pair of these Aspire Four socks.

Why Swiftwick Aspire Four?

  • 100% Made In The USA
  • Odor Fighting
  • Compression
  • Seamless Design (fights blistering)
  • Durable

Material & Construction

  • Linked Toe Technology
  • Olefin Toe and Heel
  • 3 Arch Support
  • Olefin Footbed
  • Y-Heel Contour
  • Thin Channeled Upper
  • Half Density Weave Joints
  • Swiftwick’s Signature Double Welt Cuff


In Conclusion

I use these socks for nearly all my outdoor activities from biking to hiking and everything else that needs a proper sock. Although I only have 100-150 miles of riding in them they show no signs of wear nor do my feet. They also don’t smell like the inside of a coffin after a ride. I can’t imagine wearing anything else anytime soon.

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