HOKA ONE ONE Hiking Boot Review
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The HOKA ONE ONE Hiking Shoe/Boot Is Hideous, I Love It

After many miles of hiking in various climates and countries, my Ahnu Coburn boots developed a leak due to a split in the front of each sole. This was a problem as I loved the boots and they served me well but were no longer waterproof. At my local outfitters (where I previously bought my Coburn boots years prior), I somehow walked out with these weird bouncy moon shoes called the Hoka One One hiking boots. I was told that Ahnu was discontinuing their Men’s lineup of boots. WTF, it seems the parent company Teva wasn’t happy with sales of their Men’s boots so they cut the line. Was it a sales gimmick? Maybe, but I still wanted to try on a few different brands of boots due to my foot shape being similar to that of Ronald McDonald’s.

The Goldilocks Boot Scenario

I tried on Salomons, Lowas, Merrells, etc but I was like that spoiled little Goldilocks bitch, I had to find something just right. Usually, I’m not a picky person but I know how a bad boot can be, not only a foot killer but a moral killer. That is when the salesman handed me a pair of Hoka One One hiking boots. I scoffed louder than a Victorian “Blue Blood”. How dare you place these ugly philistine thingies in my hand’s good sir! He smiled and said, just try them on and take a few steps. So I laced them up and stood up showing my body language off as if I was a bare-knuckle boxer ready to give the man cauliflower ears for wasting my time.

Jazzhands And Twinkletoes

I took a step and then another and unicorn farts shot rainbows of glitter out of the Hoka’s and my face turned. I looked like a kid just blasting off the feel good gas at the dentist’s office. My nearly drooling stupor started to embarrass my girlfriend and I just started frolicking around the store. It confused employees as they were half-heartedly trying to wrangle me to the bathrooms as they thought I shat myself. I was delighted, to say the least.

Taller Soles Almost Wreak Havoc

Once I sat back down and threw money at the man and stated “these are the ugliest things I’ve even put on my feet. I love them”. Like a child receiving their new back-to-school shoes, I decided to wear them out of the store so that I could display them proudly to all the vagabonds I would have to shoo away. Starting the car, I almost rammed the car behind us and them drove back through the store entrance thanks to the extra inch or two of shoe sole on the bottom. These were very different than the Chuck Taylor’s I walked into the store wearing.


Time To Break In The Hoka One One Hiking Boots

There was a team adventure race taking place in two weeks and hiking/running anywhere from 15-20 miles that day was on the agenda. I didn’t want to be the weakest link due to my new boots destroying my tootsies. This meant that I had to break in my Hoka One One hiking boots and fast. Each day I would put on my moon boots and bounce around town. From walking to dancing, these shoes were glued to me and they really weren’t that bad, like at all. I was really digging the boots. Even though the eVent waterproofing can get warm as it did with my Ahnu’s on longer hikes, these Hoka’s were turning out to be just fine. The problem was that the true test would be the adventure race.

The Bushwack & Brewhaha Adventure Race

The cool crisp Spring morning, 60 teams gathered around for the Bushwack racers meeting. As we took notes and looked at our map, we soon were off to tackle steep ascents and descents for the entire day. This was to be a perfect test of the soft cushy soles of the Hoka One One hiking boots. I feared that the sharp rocks of the Ozark hills would decimate the boots to the point where I would be trying to reclaim my receipt for a refund.


The True Hoka Boot Test

As the day progressed we tackled multiple climbs up dry, sharp creek beds and the boots remained comfy and the traction was very good. Even on wet rocks, these Hoka’s maintained better grip than my Ahnu’s and the comfort level was stellar. Since the day’s temps were to get to the mid 70’s, I paired the Hoka Boots with my Swiftwick socks. The combination was almost ideal except, there was a little toe-slide that would leave blisters on two toes. This, however, was partially if not totally my fault for not properly lacing the boots to battle the dreaded “toe bump”. Although I didn’t have any issues with toe-bump, I did leave the Hoka hiking boots loose enough that my foot would slide slightly on technical off camber terrain (which was most of the bushwack).

I Can Still Walk

After the race, we had blasted through 16 miles and 3,000ft of elevation through mixed terrain. The day’s race was at an end, but what was impressive was that my feet didn’t feet nearly as bad as I had expected. I was ready to continue to walk around and mingle after the race instead of crawling back to camp where I would sit my stagnant ass in a chair and cry poor me with my feet up in the air. It was an outing like this in which I became a believer in the Hoka One One hiking boots.

Hoka Hiking Boots eVent Gore Tex Waterproof

Testing the HOKA ONE ONE Hiking Boots in the wild. As a Chicken

Long Term Review – HOKA ONE ONE Hiking Boot

Since I have not had these but a month now, I will be updating this page after a hundred miles or more have been placed on these Hoka trail boots. Therefore I can give a practical review on the life of the soles and the pros and cons of these. So stay tuned and we will try and destroy these for the sake of our readers!

Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP Details

  • Built-in ankle support of boots yet the flexible mobility of trail-running shoes
  • Breathable eVent® waterproof lining
  • Gusseted tongues
  • Blended rubber/EVA midsoles, dynamic midfoot zones, and rocker soles ensure a supportive, responsive ride and smooth, soft transitions
  • Sticky rubber outsoles with multidirectional lugs
  • Light weight design
  • All day comfort




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