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The Ahnu Coburn Mens Hiking Boots

The Ahnu Coburn mens hiking boots were a gift to me. Although I felt very gracious for receiving them, I also was hesitant. Trekking long distances on multi-day hikes takes gear you know and trust. I simply knew nothing of the Ahnu company. Although Ahnu had popped up in various articles and in stores, I hadn’t had a chance to test any of their products prior.

Time For A Change

As my old boots resembled that of a hobo caricature, I decided to give the Ahnu Coburn boots a break-in hike before I headed west. Picking up these boots is off-putting as they are light in weight and don’t seem to have much rigidity to them. I also have a foot that resembles Fred Flintstone’s as they are bulbous yet flat footed and as wide as watermelons. I continually battle foot cramps, aches and pains as my old boots slowly strangled my feet. This lack of comfort and form fitting boot leaves me hobbling around the campsite as if I just released 3 days of camp meal congestion in my britches.

The Break-In Period

We had a trip to Zion NP & Bryce Canyon coming up and I knew we would be hiking daily. From Angel’s Landing to Observation Point and around the Hoodoos, I would be on my feet all day, everyday. So I was determined to see if the Ahnu Coburn mens hiking boots were going to allow me the pleasure of seeing these awe-inspiring sites without hobbling like an old wizard. Putting in 10-15 miles of trails usually paints a picture of things to come, although the break-in period varies between boots. I usually can gather enough feedback from a single trek to know what the future holds. I hiked through sharp and loose rocks and felt no unusual prodding of my feet. The traction was ample and the breathable eVent waterproofing membrane seemed to keep my feet dry and warm.

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All Around Goodness

The Ahnu Coburn mens hiking boots seemed to be ideal in 30-60F degree weather. Throughout the first few hikes I felt as if I was wearing a trail shoe rather than a waterproof boot. The width was sublime for my wide feet. The overall comfort level was such that I didn’t mind wearing these boots for extended periods of time. The comfort made traveling with these boots very easy. I would simply wear them onto the airplane and free up luggage space for important items like Jetboils and such. Although the boots can get warm at times in 70+ degree climates, it is certainly a tradeoff to retain some heat when it gets downright freezing.

Mistakes Were Made

I did make the rookie mistake of wearing think wool socks on a cold short hike and this caused havoc. It cutoff blood flow during tightened steep accents and left the front of my foot enough space to slide around and callus. I was not a happy camper. Across the spectrum, these boots really did shine in the soft damp grounds of Iceland. As you sank into cold wet ground, everyone that had on non-goretex or eVent boots were quickly freezing. They all had soaked feet where as I was able to summit first and in complete comfort.

My Overall Experience

These boots have hiked in various states, NP’s and countries with me. I love hiking with these boots in cold, damp climates such as Scotland and Iceland as they seem to really keep your feet dry and comfortable. The (non-vibram) soles have stood up to many miles and two years of continuous abuse and still have plenty of life left in them. The soft toe is fine until you meet up with an immovable object at which point you quickly wish for a steel-toe. The laces although nice, did not survive over a year’s time.

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Ahnu Coburn Mens Hiking Boots Technical Jargon

  • Waterproof leather upper
  • Rubber toe, gusset tongue
  • Waterproof eVent membrane
  • Numentum Technology
  • EVA midsole
  • Non-marking, self-cleaning lugs

The Tits

A great lightweight boot with massive amounts of comfort and width. Strong construction and great waterproofing abilities. A perfect spring, fall and winter day hiking boot. Can wear daily and even out to pubs before the inevitable multi-use dead carcass smell begins to linger.

The Pits

Soft toe can lead to boo-boos. When not properly fitted, can wear to a width that can lead to foot sliding. Can sometime retain a little too much heat (Bad in Summer, Great in Winter). Laces didn’t survive long.

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