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1.You’re going to start saving specifically for travel. 

5 Reasons why you’re traveling in 2017

Whether it’s a savings account or a coffee can buried in your backyard, you should be paying yourself out of every paycheck you receive, $20 or $200 it doesn’t matter. The number one reason people tell me they can’t travel is due to cost, but they haven’t even made a plan yet. This is why here at OWA we put together The 5 Reasons why you’re traveling in 2017. Your travel savings is an investment in your wellbeing and happiness, besides you’ll just end up blowing that money on Precious Moments figurines and dirt weed if you don’t stash it.  



2.You’re making a most wanted list.

That list of places you’ve always wanted to visit gets made now!  Why?  Making a list allows you to set your sites and plan your adventure.  Research and preparation are key to making travel happen and allows you to get the most from your trip. The internet is obviously your best resource but you can also talk to other travelers, read travel magazines and books. (Hogwarts isn’t real so you can mark that off)

3.Travel Deals!

So you’ve followed step 1 and 2 but now you have to find the means for getting to your adventure spot and where you’re gonna crash.  The internet is ripe with travel deal sites and forums with discounts to most if not all the places you want to visit.  If you’ve put together your most wanted list then you know what deals to be on the lookout for in advance.  Travel forums will tell you the best season to visit, where to look for deals and other perks that will make your trip to the Yorkshire Pudding Boat race memorable.  (That’s a real thing, look it up) – 

4.There’s never been a better time.

Strong Dollar plus cheap energy equals major discounts for U.S. travelers. Fuel costs are extremely low which translates to cheaper gas and cheaper airline tickets. If you’re from the good ol’ USA the mighty “Green Back” is at an all-time high against most currencies including the Euro and the Pound.  This translates to major discounts on that backpacking trip to the Carpathians or the lady-boy tour in Phuket (We are certainly in no (missionary) position to judge)

5.Why not!?

You’re just getting older and fatter and you’ll be dead soon anyways, so what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and talking about how you’d like to sail the Amalfi Coast and make it happen. Don’t post another stupid ƒUçKinG travel quote on your Faceballs to show your friends that you have the adventure spirit. Show them a photo of you making shit happen.

5 Reasons why you’re traveling in 2017

That void you need to fill is adventure, not materials

Sure you can drop 30-70K on a flashy new truck that your friends will think is cool for a day and you’ll ultimately end up hating because the payment sucks your soul through your butthole OR you can keep driving your 02 lime green Daewoo Leganza because it still runs and see the world with your very own eyes. Do this before you take an eternal dirt nap.  Want more travel intel? – Click It!

5 Reasons why you’re traveling in 2017

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