HOKA ONE ONE Hiking Boot Review

The HOKA ONE ONE Hiking Shoe/Boot Is Hideous, I Love It

After many miles of hiking in various climates and countries, my Ahnu Coburn boots developed a leak due to a split in the front of each sole. This was a problem as I loved the boots and they served me well but were no longer waterproof. At my local outfitters (where I previously bought my Coburn boots years prior), I somehow walked out with these weird bouncy moon shoes called the Hoka One One hiking boots. I was told that Ahnu was discontinuing their Men’s lineup of boots. WTF, it seems the parent

Brutal Reviews - Lowepro DryZone 200

Lowepro DryZone 200: Great for moist… but stay out the deep end.

Brutal Reviewer – David Greer- Lowepro DryZone 200 – As an adventure photographer, you have to be able to capture those fleeting moments that define the experience. This comes with an enormous obstacle, though – the expensive, ultra-fragile, bulky gear that you need within arm’s reach at a moment’s notice. Naturally, you want easy access while keeping all your lovelies safe and sound (regardless of how brutal the elements get).

2017 Buffalo Headwaters Challenge

12th Annual OORC Buffalo Headwaters Challenge

Sitting and waiting at 4:30 pm on a Friday at my brother’s home, I look at my watch again as if it will help move either time or my brother’s arse quicker. The marauder is packed and the bikes loaded, I just need his bag of bones in the vehicle. The traffic in Northwest Arkansas is about to explode. Hwy 49 is about to turn into full-fledged fury road. With road construction and wheel taco-ing barriers, you are left to fend